YouTube Removes Dislikes From All Videos

YouTube has hidden the number of dislikes on videos from users.
In an important move that could potentially change viewer behavior on the platform, YouTube has decided to remove the dislikes from videos. However, it should be noted that the dislike button has not disappeared. Also, the number of dislikes will continue to be seen by the creators.

YouTube has made the dislike counts private to prevent targeted harassment or dislike attacks, as the company states. However, as we mentioned above, the said change will not affect YouTube creators. Creators will continue to see exact dislikes in YouTube Studio to find out how their content is performing on the platform.

The announcement became official after YouTube made an attempt to hide the number of dislikes with limited users. The Google-owned platform states that it noticed a reduction in unpleasant attack behavior during this experiment. “During the experiment, we found that some of you use the public dislike count to decide whether to watch a video or not,” the company wrote in a blog post. We know you may not agree with this decision, but we believe it is the right thing to do for the platform.” He talked about innovation.


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