When Should The Decision To Be A Parent Be Taken Having Children at the Right Time

“Are you ready to be a mom and dad?” question carries many positive and negative factors together for parents. First of all, in the process that starts with deciding that you want to be a mother and father, it is necessary to be prepared for this decision by considering all the positive and negative aspects. Although being a mother and father gives you feelings like happiness, it will also bring with it some feelings such as uncertainty, anxiety, curiosity and anxiety.

Different mental and physical reasons will arise for expectant mothers and fathers. Different thoughts will appear in individuals who are not ready to be a father, and the expectant mother will be affected by many psychological and physical changes. Experts state that prospective fathers are mostly worried about the responsibilities of new individuals who will enter their lives and question their competence to become a father.

The more difficult process for expectant mothers will cause many different changes besides happiness. In this period, experts warn that women should act with the obligation to prepare for many hormonal, spiritual and physical differences, and underline that this long process causes women to feel unhappy, weakness, and not have anxiety about success.

Expectant mothers are more prepared due to their physical and mental characteristics and their instincts to conceive. Naturally, for mothers-to-be, pregnancy and postpartum can only be physically and mentally challenged. Instinctive difficulties with the child are very rare.

Expectant mothers experience problems such as not feeling physically beautiful during pregnancy, weight problems, pain and difficulties in daily life. After the birth, when their children are born, it causes many problems such as the fear of not being enough for their children. Mental problems that cannot be overcome during the birth period can progress and lead expectant mothers to depression and a continuous sad, touchy and unhappy emotional disorder during this period.

Worries for the baby affect the mother and father. Generally, among the reasons to be experienced among newly married couples who want to have a baby, thinking that the life conditions will change with the baby, the concern that the relationship between the spouses will change negatively, and all the concerns for their babies may arise. These worries will definitely be affected negatively by reflecting on the relationships of individuals. In order to overcome these problems, it is very important for individuals to be understanding with each other. Couples can easily overcome these problems by acting with their understanding and protective attitude to each other. The feeling of inadequacy experienced by the mother is a situation that should be paid attention to. Many expectant mothers may experience this problem, especially this feeling observed in mothers who have a first baby, the anxiety of whether I can care and take care of the baby is a situation that constantly worries mothers. It is very important for spouses to encourage expectant mothers in this regard. Incentives will be very effective, such as you are looking after very well, feeding well, and the mother will be more interested in the baby by feeling sufficient.

A father who constantly instructs the mother will worry the grandmother and send the message that you are unable to do it, which will adversely affect the mother-to-be. As the male expectant mother cannot expect it to be the same as before, she should feel the need to realize that she has some responsibilities, and should take care of her time and problems with the expectant mother. Experts who provide advice to parents who have baby anxiety underline that you can get rid of anxiety with these suggestions.

Although communication between couples is very important during pregnancy and postpartum, couples who are in good communication can solve the problems they will experience in these periods together and spend it comfortably and smoothly.

Although it is very important for expectant mothers to be conscious in this way, expectant mothers should make research and prepare themselves for positive and negative changes before having a baby, hearsay information creates unconsciousness, research and try to collect information. Especially the postpartum periods that the mother will experience will change with the difficult mental problems. Being conscious will be valid for both of the couple.

Knowing the responsibilities between couples is also among the issues to be considered in this process. Couples usually have a different attitude towards the spouses after their first babies. A father figure that attributes everything to the maternal uncle is not correct. The baby was born as a result of the joint decision of both of you. The responsibilities should be shared. I would like to emphasize that the father should meet all the needs of the baby and support the mother.

Mothers feel the obligation to devote most of their time to babies starting from the agenda when they open their eyes to the baby world. Therefore, it is very important to devote time to individuality. It is recommended that you take time for yourself and try to relax spiritually.

Unfortunately, the couple’s allocation of time to each other is unfortunately neglected during these periods, and a break in the relationship can be observed. Since time is a mother and father, not loving each other or spending time alone together, do not neglect to spare time for each other.

Being aware of the feelings of motherhood and fatherhood is one of the issues that both sides should absorb in this process. After psychological and physical changes, the mother has a baby and adopts the baby more. Since most of the time is spent looking after him, father behaviors like the mother who is more experienced in awareness cannot be expected from a man, the father will show fatherhood to love more. Fatherhood will develop in later years.


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