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What is Sattvik Nutrition?

Foods are known to have more of an impact on state of mind than you might think. As much as the content of a food, the amount of food is very important for humans. While a banana benefits us when eaten enough, too much of it is highly toxic. Sattvik nutrition, which is also included in the yoga philosophy, means harmonious nutrition. The harmony mentioned here is the state of harmony and balance of body, mind and soul. “Satva” means harmony, in other words, it is the union of mind and heart. It is a state of complete equilibrium. In this way, the relationship with life and body becomes very harmonious with an eating style. It provides a high understanding and understanding of all kinds of situations, regardless of what we live or witness. Sattva, Raja, and Tama represent the three fundamental forces of nature. Foods are also classified according to these 3 groups. The purpose of sattvik nutrition is to avoid tamasic foods.

Tamasic Nutrients

Tamas refers to dark emotions and qualities (fighting, fighting, causing harm), laziness, and stillness. Of course, we need these actions sometimes. Annihilation is also a complete action, and it is not possible for us to start something new without destroying anything. It is necessary to keep them under control as much as possible. In order to reduce tampering, it is necessary to abandon meats and processed foods. Because the vibration of animal foods and meats is very low, that is, when they are taken into the body, they create a state of struggle, which reflects on us physically and mentally as weight and tension. Tamasic foods are foods that are spoiled, rotten, unclean or too ripe or too raw. Fermented, repeatedly cooked foods are also in this category. Processed, packaged meals are also complete.

We also put mushrooms in this category because they grow in the dark and feed on dead matter. Too much fried foods are against digestion and are therefore considered tamasic. Every food taken in excess of needs is also considered “tamasic”, ie poison.

Rajasic Foods

Rajas describes energy, change and movement. The Rajas evoke passion, longing, and devotion by nature. They create more excitement and desire, generate tension and cause a restless mind, it is important to pay attention to these in order to be at peace with ourselves. Onions, garlic, radish varieties, coffee, black tea, tobacco, and anything else that is stimulating in a similar way is “rajasik”. All foods that are too salty, spicy, and contain chemical preservatives fall into this category. Sattvik foods also become rajasic if consumed in the wrong place, such as eating while running. Drinks such as white sugar, instant fruit juices, cola, etc. are also in this category. Powerful spices not only overstimulate the mind but also destroy the mucus-covered part of the intestine. Rajasic foods trigger lust, anger, desire, violence and selfishness, making people more distinct from one another, dividing them. Rajas is the energy that creates war and conflict on Earth.

Sattvik Nutrients

Delicious, satisfying meals that give strength, energy, health, joy are sattvik. These foods keep the mind calm, so it brings out balance, stability and peace inside. By giving us maximum energy, it increases strength and endurance and eliminates fatigue. It is preferred that the foods eaten are natural and fresh, do not contain artificial sweeteners or additives, and are not genetically modified. It should be consumed as naturally as possible, and should be preferred raw or undercooked.

Foods such as corn, wheat, barley, oats, quinoa and rye can be preferred as grains. This type of whole grains supports digestion and excretion.

Lentils, beans, raw nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, etc.) and seeds (sesame, black cumin, poppy seeds, etc.) can be preferred as protein. Since proteins are the building blocks of the body, it should be ensured that they are consumed adequately.

All kinds of fresh and dried fruits can be eaten. They support us with the minerals, vitamins and fibers we need.

Vegetables with seeds, roots or green leaves can also be consumed as desired.

Honey and maple syrup can be preferred instead of refined sugar. Sugar should never be eaten.

Although milk and dairy products are included in traditional yoga nutrition, they are not preferred much in today’s conditions due to the maltreatment of animals that come with industrialization, hormones and GMOs. If it is to be used, it is recommended to use it from organic producers or to consume vegan milks such as oat milk and almond milk.

Apart from these, fermented foods such as horse, chicken, fish, eggs, onions, garlic, leeks, mushrooms, vinegar and pickles should be avoided.

It is worth remembering that the boundaries of these categories are not fixed and may vary depending on the circumstances.

As it seems, this diet contains a wide variety of foods. It is worth trying for absolute peace and harmony.


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