What is British carbonate, what is it for Benefits of British baking soda?

British carbonate is also known as sodium bicarbonate. British carbonate, which has various benefits, has different uses. It can be preferred in many areas including house cleaning. So what is British carbonate, what is it for? Benefits of British baking soda …

You can also help whiten your teeth with British baking soda. For this, after brushing your teeth, brush them again with some baking soda. Thus, as well as whitening your teeth, it will also remove bad breath.

If your hair is oily and dirty and you need to leave the house urgently, the help you can get quick results is carbonate again. A little baking soda that you pour on your scalp will absorb and clean all the oil in your hair.

You can also use British baking soda as a deodorant. There is also the ability of baking soda applied to the armpit to prevent the smell of sweat. If you have excessive sweating problems, you can massage the paste and carbonate into your armpits at the end of the bath and even brush them with a soft bristled brush.

What does British carbonate do?

If your refrigerator has bad odors, you can try baking soda as a temporary solution. Place the baking soda in a bowl in a corner of the refrigerator and mix it every few days. Thus, it will both absorb the odors in the refrigerator and make fruits and vegetables last longer.

You can also clean your sinks, marble and tiles with English baking soda. Pour bicarbonate on the surface you want to clean and rub it with lemon. Your marble, tile or sinks will shine as well as be cleaned.

You can also use English baking soda in your bathroom. Wipe the shower cabin glasses with baking soda and rinse. You will find that it is immaculate.

When carbonate is combined with water, it also has the power to remove fats. The most effective way to remove the oil that splashes, drips or spills on your clothes, carpets, sofas and curtains is not detergent, but baking soda.

Sprinkle 1-2 handfuls of baking soda all over your carpet, wait a few hours and sweep it with a vacuum cleaner. You will see that the bad odors in your carpet will disappear.

Trying to remove the oil stain with detergent water may lighten the fabric. Instead, pour some bicarbonate on the oil stain, slightly wet it and let it sit for 1-2 hours and wipe. You will see that the oil stain has dissolved.


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