What Is Black Mulberry Extract Good For, What Are Its Benefits?

Black mulberry extract is a product made from black mulberry, a healthy fruit grown in the summer and used as a supplement in many diseases. At the same time, when mixed with water, black mulberry extract, which is one of the most beautiful alternative foods that can be consumed to cool down and stay fit in the summer months, is good, what are the benefits, let’s see together.

Black mulberry grown in the summer months is a much more useful fruit than you think. Black mulberry acts as an effective antioxidant in the body thanks to its C, K and E vitamins. In addition, black mulberry extract, which is recommended for people with intestinal problems, is a remedy for many ailments, from indigestion to sleep problems. So how is black mulberry extract used, what are its other benefits? Here are the details about the benefits and usage of black mulberry essence for those who are curious …

What are the benefits of black mulberry extract?

Black mulberry, which contains thiamine, sodium, niacin, potassium, also contains high-value minerals. Black mulberry is a food rich in copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, zinc as well as beta carotene.

In this context, black mulberry extract protects the body against diseases such as flu.

It strengthens the bones.

It is good for constipation problems and stomach ailments such as gastritis.

Thanks to the vitamins it contains, black mulberry extract is protective against infections in the throat.

Black mulberry extract strengthens the immune system with its best known feature.

It is good for sleep problems.

Provides regeneration of skin cells.

The fact that black mulberry extract contains natural vitamins relieves fatigue and gives vitality.

Black mulberry extract strengthens the hair when used as a mask.

It is effective in terms of oral health.

How to use black mulberry extract?

Black mulberry extract has a wide range of uses. To prepare the black mulberry extract;

You can prepare black mulberry syrup by adding 5 – 10 glasses of water to 1 glass of black duff, depending on your taste, and use it to cool off in summer.

You can also mix black mulberry extract with yogurt for breakfast and add it to your diet list easily.

As a good alternative, you can use black mulberry extract to make ice cream or use it as a sauce on ice cream.

Black mulberry extract can be used in salads instead of pomegranate syrup.

As a good alternative, black mulberry extract can be used in pastries such as cakes and pastries.

Who should not use black mulberry extract?

People with allergic reactions should consult a specialist before using black mulberry extract.

Since black mulberry extract may lower blood sugar, diabetics should consult their doctor before using black mulberry extract with their medication.

As it accelerates blood circulation, black mulberry extract may interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Stop using black mulberry at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

Taking black mulberry along with some drugs that are broken down by the liver may increase the effects and side effects of these drugs. Before taking black mulberry, if you are taking any medicine that is changed by the liver, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider before using black mulberry extract.


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