Valve Working on Source 2 Game Engine for CS: GO

Valve is optimizing the Source 2 game engine for CS: GO, according to the latest reports shared.

It is still unknown when the Source 2 game engine, introduced in 2015, will be added to CS: GO. Especially while CS: GO fans focused on an official statement to be made from the Valve front, it has recently emerged that the developer studio has been working on this issue.

The source of these allegations is YouTuber Gabe Follower, known for the content he has produced about Valve. In this section, YouTuber, who examined the source codes of the latest DOTA 2 update, states that the new update includes some codes belonging to the Source 2 game engine developed for CS: GO.

As you know, the game engine in question was added to DOTA 2 in 2015. At the same time, Half-Life: Alyx, which debuted last year, was also released with the same game engine.

Now, the game engine in question is expected to be added to CS: GO, which was presented to the players in 2012. Of course, it is currently unknown whether the source code included in the DOTA 2 update points to the new Source 2 engine for CS: GO. However, in the latest shared reports, it has been stated that Valve has been spending a lot of time for the game engine that will come to Counter-Strike Global Offensive and the aforementioned graphics update will be released as soon as possible.


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