Using the Merger Network to Buy and Sell Businesses Online

Mergers have become a lot easier thanks to the Merger Network. This website allows you to find your industry group and search for businesses to sell in over 100 countries. Here is a guide to buying or selling companies online and how this useful site may help you.

Buying a Business

Merger Network claims there are over 17,000 active businesses up for sale on the site, which means you could find the perfect one for your merger. There are several popular categories to search such as manufacturing, trucking, food, hotels, and more. If none of these categories fit what you’re looking for, you can search by industry group or world region. After choosing the type of industry you’re interested in, Merger Network will show you featured and standard listings. Featured listings are businesses that paid to have their industry listed first. You can sort the standard listings by age, industry, location, and price range.

Business Information

Merger Network displays information about each sale listing including a business summary, sector, industry, location, and financials. Under financials, you can see sales, profits, profit type, and asking price. All of the information may not be disclosed until a potential buyer surfaces and the organization is willing to disclose the information privately.

Selling a Business

You can sell your business on Merger Network without paying any fees or commissions. It does require you to sign up for an account, but, afterward, you can post your business on the site for sale. To post an advertisement, you need to fill out necessary information like your business summary, sector, industry, classification, location, sales, profits, profit type, and asking price. If you don’t feel comfortable displaying any information, you can just refuse to disclose, but each piece of data can help sell your business.

Expand Your Network

Buying a business in another location gives you the chance to expand your network. Merger Network has over 14,000 entrepreneurs, executives, business brokers, investment bankers, and private equity groups that you can network with. Getting in touch with these professionals allows you to get advice from those in your field.

Track Market Conditions

Buying and selling are tough decisions to make, but Merger Network has an application that allows you to track market conditions. By using this information, you can choose if it’s the right time to buy or sell a company. It monitors over 300 segments in the business-for-sale marketplace based on location and industry. To view a report, you don’t need to sign up for an account. However, by joining Merger Network, you can sign up for weekly email alerts for listings that match your interests.

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