Twitter Solves Disappearing Tweet Issue

Twitter has solved the problem of disappearing tweets by stopping the auto-refreshing timeline.

Twitter has released an update that prevents the auto-refresh issue of the homepage feed, which causes some tweets to disappear while reading. The platform first announced in September that it was working on an update to fix the disappearing tweet issue, and said “we know it’s a frustrating experience” when tweets disappear while being read. Now finally the expected update has been released. Users will now be able to upload new tweets by clicking on a tweet counter bar that will appear at the top of their timeline, above existing tweets in their feed.

The web version of Twitter will now behave as the iOS and Android apps already do. This means that users’ timelines will not be automatically refreshed. Instead, tweets will be loaded when the user manually refreshes their feed. In this sense, we can easily say that the platform gives importance to user feedback.

Twitter has been adding new features regularly for the last few months. The company rolled out its Twitter Blue premium service to users in the US earlier this month, in addition to the voice chat room Spaces, which it launched almost exactly a year ago.


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