Twitter Makes Improvements to its Direct Message Feature

The new Direct Message features that Twitter is working on are meeting with users.

Twitter has announced that it will make a few changes to its direct message feature in the next few weeks. The microblogging platform shared the development through its official account and announced that users can now send a tweet or message to 20 separate chats. Some of the other changes and improvements include a fast scroll button, a new action for “Add a reaction” and a message grouping feature. All of the aforementioned features are available on iOS, and some will soon reach Android users as well.

The only way to share a direct message to multiple users on Twitter was to create a group and send the message to that group. This allowed everyone in the group to see the answers. But this feature is now changing. Twitter users will now be able to select up to 20 people individually and send the same DM to 20 people as individual chats. The new feature is rolling out to iOS and Web, and will soon be available for Android as well.

In addition, the DM box now has a quick scroll button to go directly to the latest message and to help navigate between messages more easily. In addition to double-tapping to react to messages, a menu with the option to “Add a reaction” is one of the new features. Thus, users will be faced with a menu to browse through the different reactions for a particular message. However, it is worth noting that this feature is only available for iOS for now.

Finally, it should be noted that the new update is not yet active for all users, but will spread to all devices in the coming days.


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