Twitch: Last Week’s Data Breach Isn’t Major

Twitch says sensitive user data, such as credit card numbers, is not exposed.

Twitch, the live streaming platform owned by Amazon, came to the fore with a major data breach last week. The data breach made a name for itself by revealing the annual income of users broadcasting on the Twitch platform. The statement from the platform is that the aforementioned data breach is not on a large scale. Twitch states that the data breach on the live streaming platform only contains documents from the source code.

In its statement, Twitch states that users’ passwords, login credentials, full credit card numbers and bank information were not accessed and that sensitive information was not disclosed during the breach. The platform attributes the data breach to an error in the server configuration change. Server configuration changes are made during server maintenance and data stored on servers can be exposed to unauthorized access if there is a misconfiguration.

However, Twitch also claims that the event only affected a small number of users. In fact, the platform speaks quite confidently about it. Twitch also states that it is communicating with people directly affected by the data breach. As such, it goes against the claims of Video Games Chronicle and cybersecurity expert Kevin Beaumont. Because Video Games Chronicle reported that about 125 gigabytes of data were leaked, including details about Twitch’s highest-earning streamers since 2019. Beaumont added, “The Twitch leak contains real and significant amounts of personal data.” He talked about the situation in a tweet.

Finally, let’s mention that you can read the blog post of the broadcasting platform Twitch about the current event here.


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