Sony Lowers Sales Forecasts for PS5, Production Slows

Judging by the current information, it will be a little harder to find PlayStation 5s on the shelves.
Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki told investors in a conversation with Bloomberg late last month that the logistics and parts procurement process for the PS5 is getting harder and harder. According to people familiar with the current situation at the company, Sony has lowered its PlayStation 5 expectations for this fiscal year.

Originally predicting it would deliver 16 million PS5 consoles by March next year, Sony has now cut its PS5 sales target by one million. Therefore, as production decreases, it will be harder for gamers to reach consoles. Supply chain issues were evident with the decline in PS5 console sales as of September 2021.

PlayStation 5 production is currently negatively impacted in terms of production, packaging and shipping due to pandemic conditions in various countries. Even daily communication between Sony’s assembly partners and component manufacturers seems to have only improved the situation up to a point.

Worse still, supply shortages are expected for the PlayStation 5 throughout 2022. In this context, Sony will probably change its predictions for the end of 2022. There are currently 22.6 million PS5 sales targets by the end of 2022, which seems impossible. On the other hand, black marketers are still circulating in the market. Fortunately, Sony has offered the option to buy directly through its website and will try to prevent that.


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