Samsung Plans to Build a $17 Billion Chip Manufacturing Facility in Texas

Investments in certain parts of the world are increasing rapidly to close the gap in semiconductor production.

The demand for technological devices continues to increase on a global scale, which means more logic chips that need to be produced. As the demand for semiconductors increases, the ongoing chip shortage is pushing companies and governments to invest to create manufacturing resources outside of Asia. In this context, Samsung also has important plans.

Samsung will invest $205 billion in the coming years in semiconductors and other key industries. It seems that $17 billion of this amount will be allocated to the new chip factory to be established in Texas.

Reuters wrote that extensive property tax cuts will be made to encourage tech giants and Samsung is aware of this. Hearing this, Samsung considered two regions in the state of Texas to build a new 5nm manufacturing facility.

One location is Austin, which is currently home to one of Samsung’s manufacturing facilities, and the other is the city of Taylor in Williamson County. Williamson County commissioners, along with Taylor City Council, unanimously asked for the proposal to be accepted. Also, the owner of Texas Beer Company has promised to produce a co-branded Pale Ale beer with Samsung if the company decides to pursue such a project.

Long story short, the regional authorities are doing their best to get the technology giant to invest here. Samsung intends to begin construction of the new chip manufacturing facility in early 2022 and put it into operation by the end of 2024. For this reason, the location of the new facility to be established may be announced very soon.

Finally, we wrote that semiconductor manufacturing companies will raise chip prices due to the increasing chip shortage. More importantly, these price increases will greatly affect the end consumer.


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