Netflix Games Will Offer iOS Games On The App Store

Netflix Games will have to offer their mobile games separately through the App Store.

Netflix Games has started to offer mobile games for the Android platform. Now it’s time for iOS. On the other hand, since Apple’s policies prohibit all-in-one game services, it is a matter of curiosity what kind of path will be followed for iOS players. Finally, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed to have seen a code in the Power On newscast, with the help of developer Steve Moser, stating that Netflix Games games will be released “one by one” for iOS via the App Store. Gurman added that the games will not be downloadable and playable within the app.

The main Netflix app will continue to offer access to the game catalog, but tapping a game will only launch a separate app. Netflix also has the option to include it in the Android app, although this is how games currently work with Android. On iOS, it has no choice but to offer games separately. Apple requires that every game in the App Store receive a separate impression, even if it’s only available in the cloud.

It is clear that this move comes in the light of Apple’s approach, but it is still clear that Netflix will have to make some concessions if it is to bring mobile games to iOS. This also highlights a growing rivalry between Apple and Netflix, as Gurman explains. The two companies are competing on an increasing number of fronts, from gaming to video streaming services. Also, neither has the luxury of pushing the other away.


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