Minecraft Dungeons Coming to Steam on September 22

Minecraft Dungeons will be available on Steam on September 22.

Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang Studios’ action RPG venture, is coming to Steam soon. Originally released in May last year, Minecraft Dungeons will be available for the first time on Steam on September 22.

Until now, users who wanted to experience Minecraft Dungeons on PC could only do so by purchasing directly from the Microsoft Store or accessing the game via Xbox Game Pass. As Microsoft continues to expand its offerings on Steam, Minecraft Dungeons will be the last Xbox Game Studios game to hit the Valve platform.

For players unfamiliar with Minecraft Dungeons, it’s a game that offers a fluid Diablo-like experience where players navigate enemy-infested biomes of the Minecraft universe. In the game, there is also a scenario instead of the known Minecraft. Most enemies, bosses, equipment types and power elements are inspired by the original sandbox game. The game also supports co-op with up to four players, either locally or online. Cross-play support is also enabled.

Finally, it should be noted that Minecraft Dungeons will be available on Steam with a price tag of $ 19.99. The Ultimate Edition of the game includes all six DLC packs released to date and is priced at $39.99. Of course, special prices for our country will be different.


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