Microsoft Adds Performance Tag to Xbox Windows App

Microsoft has added a simple tag to the Xbox app for Windows, allowing PC gamers to know before downloading any game if it will run well on their PC. The new feature is still in testing and is limited to certain games before rolling out to all Xbox app users.

The Xbox app already lists the system requirements on the games’ own pages. However, the newly added tag will let PC owners know whether or how a game will run on their system. In order to create this tag, Microsoft conducts a performance check against various computer games.

Currently, there are a number of games in the app that do not yet have a tag and only show “performance control not yet available”. This is important as it shows that the Xbox app doesn’t just check PC system requirements. In his view, Microsoft is also busy building its own database of how well PC games work. However, the company has not yet officially detailed the new performance control. Therefore, it is also not yet clear whether the tag is based on minimum specifications, recommendations or other system information for a game.

Finally, let’s state that users who want to try the new tag will just need to download the Xbox Insider app and choose the Windows game preview.


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