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Is the First Human Diet Possible?

Eating disorders affect our physical health as well as our mental health negatively. Being overweight or underweight has always been the basis for the emergence of other diseases. Regular nutrition not only helps us keep our weight under control, but also strengthens our immunity and protects us from other serious diseases. We have researched what is the first human diet based on healthy nutrition, also known as paleo diet, what does it do for you.

What is the first human diet?

Paleo diet refers to the diet of people living in the cave period. You decide what to eat by thinking that you are living in that period. In the Paleolithic age, people survived by hunting and gathering. Paleo diet is a diet prepared based on this philosophy. It can also be expressed as a diet made with foods that are found directly from nature and do not undergo any process.

How is it done?

If you have an idea to start this diet, you should remember that this is a long-term diet that you have to turn into a lifestyle, as opposed to a short-term process that quickly changes your body like other diets. You need to ensure sustainability in order to have a healthy and strong body like people living in the stone age period.

Carbohydrate intake should be limited

The first rule is to reduce carbs. You should stay away from bakery products, sugar-containing vegetables and fruits. Carbohydrate is one of the main sources for our body to work properly. That’s why you should get the required amount from vegetables you consume fresh daily, not from desserts.

Protein essential food source

Life was very difficult and active for people living in the Stone Age period. They were getting very tired during the day. For this reason, they met a large portion of their daily nutritional needs from protein. This is the reason why individuals are muscular and athletic when the period is examined. In addition to red and chicken meat, you can also get your protein needs from quinoa and chia.

Increase your fiber intake

This diet contains high protein. For this reason, you must maintain your body’s acid-alkaline balance. You should consume high-fiber greens and non-starch vegetables and fruits.


Grains and dairy products, sugar, some legumes that you cannot consume in the Paleo diet are very useful in terms of their content, but these foods are not consumed in the first human diet. When you integrate it completely into your life, it can become expensive for you and shake your budget. Since meat consumption is heavy in this diet, consumption of fibrous foods remains low, but we need fiber foods to strengthen our immunity. We must achieve this balance as much as possible. Otherwise, our immune system can be damaged.


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