Intel Takes First Step For Driverless Taxi Service

Hardware manufacturer and designer Intel, along with its subsidiaries, showcased its electric autonomous vehicles.

Intel has announced that its subsidiary Mobileye will launch an automated taxi service in Munich and Tel Aviv next year and is building a new autonomous vehicle for the task. It seems that the company has very serious projects related to automatic driving technologies and this step is vital.

Mobileye, the tech giant’s autonomous vehicle subsidiary, has announced its new six-passenger autonomous vehicle, which it will use for service from 2022. Dubbed AVKIT58, the vehicle will be equipped with eight Mobileye EyeQ5 SoCs that enable level 4 and level 5 autonomous driving capabilities.

The AVKIT58 measures 324 x 232 x 89 mm and has a power consumption of 650 watts. There is also a power supply in this liquid-cooled system. Mobileye believes this solution is the most powerful autonomous vehicle system on the market today.

The vehicle’s technology hardware consists of a combination of cameras, radar sensors and LIDAR sensors. In addition, Mobileye’s Road Experience Management solution will work based on crowdsourced map data.

The technology giant will operate the vehicles under the Moovit brand. They will also work with local mobility company Sixt in Germany. Customers using Mobileye’s taxi service will be able to request a vehicle via Moovit’s or Sixt’s mobile apps.

Germany will be the first country to allow level 4 autonomous vehicles to navigate its roads, and therefore one of the first countries where this service will become operational.


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