How to Make Macchiato at Home

Recently, the interest in coffee continues to grow day by day. Macchiato is one of the most popular and preferred types of coffee, which is served with ice on hot summer days and appeals to different tastes with its different types. Macchiato, which is an espresso-based type of coffee and made with less milk than other coffees, suppresses the taste and aroma of coffee beans less in this respect. You can also choose Macchiato, which means spotted, speckled in Italian, as a latte, iced or caramel. Here are the tricks of preparing Macchiato at home…

The first condition is to choose the right coffee bean.

The first and almost only way to achieve the right coffee taste and aroma is to choose the right coffee bean. It is very important that the coffee beans you will use for macchiato are properly stored, sufficiently roasted and freshly ground. For this, you can get help from the baristas in the store where you will buy coffee. They will guide you to the right coffee beans.

Are you ready to make espresso and milk foam?

The first thing you need to know for the most classic Macchiato recipe you can make at home is that a two-step preparation awaits you. Here you need to prepare the espresso first and then the milk foam. Compared to some other types of coffee, one of the things you will need to prepare Macchiato will be a machine. It is possible to prepare the foam of the milk with different methods other than the machine, but you need a good and quality coffee machine for espresso.

You need to clean your machine and prepare your espresso.

You should start by cleaning your coffee machine to prepare Macchiato at home. Residues from previous processes inside the machine and on the heads can harden the flavor of the espresso and spoil the taste of the Macchiato. After cleaning the machine and emptying the filters, you should add as much coffee as necessary according to the setting of the machine, set the heat correctly and prepare the heated espresso. It’s time to prepare the milk.

You have to froth the milk

The most important feature that distinguishes macchiato from regular caffe latte is the amount of milk and the way it is served. In Caffe latte, milk and coffee are mixed together and served hot or cold in this way. While preparing and serving macchiato, milk and espresso are placed separately, one above the other, in a glass. First, the heated espresso is poured into the glass, and then the frothed milk is poured over it. You can use professional machines to froth the milk, but a French Press or a small jar will do the trick instead. You can froth milk slowly with a French Press, or you can mix hot milk in a jar to get milk foam.

What you will need in a classic Macchiato recipe;

Half a glass of Espresso

It will be 1 cup of milk.

You can make Macchiato with ice or with caramel if you wish.

Macchiato, which you can easily make at home, is generally served hot, but you can also prefer Iced Macciato on summer days when the sun is burning. Again, instead of Espresso Macchiato, Caramel Macchiato can be included in your preference list as an alternative taste. You can pour caramel syrup on the Macchiato that you will prepare at home by following your normal recipe and get a different flavor.