EU Finds Russia Responsible for GhostWriter Cyber Attacks

The European Union has officially held Russia responsible for the high-profile GhostWriter cyberattack operations.
Recently, it has been announced that Russia is behind the targeted cyber attacks against various newspapers, state systems and EU members.

In the press release made by the European Union officials, it was said that many EU parliament members were targeted with GhostWriter attacks and personal data on the accessed computer systems were stolen and spied on. It was also underlined that such activities that threaten the integrity, security and democratic principles of member states cannot be accepted in any way.

At the beginning of September, German Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrea Sasse announced that the German parliament was cyber-attacked at least 3 times throughout 2021 and there was strong evidence that the Russian Intelligence Service GRU was behind the attacks.

Within the scope of the GhostWriter operation, which is alleged to be carried out within the GRU, more than one German parliament member was attacked not only in September, but also in March. The e-mail accounts of 31 regional members of parliament were reportedly hacked by the attackers.

The European Union stated that they condemned these cyber attacks that should be stopped immediately and called on the Russian Federation to act in accordance with state norms in the cyber world. It was said that if the attacks are not stopped within the next time frame, this issue will be returned to and much further steps will be taken.


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