End-to-End Encryption Will Be Delayed For Facebook And Instagram

It was stated that the end-to-end encryption feature for Facebook Messenger and Instagram platforms may remain until 2023.

It looks like Meta’s effort for the special experience it wants to offer its users is going to take longer than planned. Security chief Antigone Davis warned that the rollout of messaging with default end-to-end encryption for Facebook Messenger and Instagram has been delayed to 2023, according to The Guardian. Davis said the social media company initially planned the move to be completed by 2022, but added that extra time is needed to “get it right”.

Extra privacy is already enabled in WhatsApp. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger and Instagram still require you to initiate an encrypted chat. Let us remind you that Meta (Facebook) took a wider step towards encryption and other privacy features in 2019.

Meanwhile, the delay is said to coincide with odd timing, at least in the UK. The country will pass a safety law in 2023 that will require tech companies to prevent abuse and protect children. While it does not require encryption for backdoors, current UK Home Secretary Priti Patel does not hesitate to oppose the default encryption, claiming that it will severely limit law enforcement’s ability to track criminals. This means that Meta may face pressure to change their plans until the law goes into effect.

Davis said Meta will still have the power to detect abuse through a combination of unencrypted information and user reports. The delay can also provide time for governments to reassure and avoid potential conflict.