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Effects of Yoga on Heart Health

The effects of yoga on mental and physical health have been known for a long time. Yoga, which aims to return the body to its normal flow and work routine along with the purification and rest of the soul, has very beneficial results on heart health, according to many different studies. Scientists agree that as long as it is not accompanied by heavy and strenuous exercises, yoga will positively affect heart diseases. If you want to protect your heart health and support it with yoga, you should read this article.

Positive effect on heart health

Doing yoga regularly and making it a lifestyle will have positive effects on your heart health in the long run. The heart exercises performed in yoga help the muscles to get stronger gradually, so that more oxygen goes to the heart over time, thus reducing the stress and supporting the normal functioning of the heart. As yoga supports physical and mental health simultaneously, it also provides flexibility and breathing pattern. This has positive effects on the heart.

Calms the heart

One of the biggest and most important effects of yoga on heart health is that it is calming. Yoga removes stress from the body as it calms the mind, and this is a factor that directly affects heart health by reducing high blood pressure.

Controls the body for heart health

Another effect of yoga on heart health is that it reduces the use of drugs by supporting the regular function of the heart. Studies show that if you do yoga regularly, blood lipids, blood sugar and blood pressure can be regulated, and the use of drugs for cardiovascular diseases can decrease significantly.

You can try heart yoga

Cardiovascular surgeons say that a faster recovery can be achieved by performing heart yoga, especially after heavy heart surgeries such as bypass. Patients who start a heart yoga program one month after the surgery reduce their blood pressure and heart rate with heart yoga. The heart yoga program is a very beneficial program for people who have had heart surgery, as well as for people who have not had surgery yet but have been diagnosed with heart disease.

Everything is in your hands to live a long and healthy life, and to protect our mind as well as our body. For this, you need to take care to protect your mental health as well as your physical health at the same time and take your steps wisely.


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