Are Employee Recognition Gifts Important?

It’s no secret that employees like to feel acknowledged for their achievements. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. When someone is hired, they like to feel like they’re part of the team and that they matter. Rewarding employees is one way to do that.

Are employee recognition gifts important?

Yes! It is extremely important. Recognition gifts are more than just giving something. It’s a reward. Employees commit to companies and identify with the business they work for. Employee recognition gifts reward the work that they’ve done thus far. They also help solidify relationships. When an employee receives recognition, they know that their work is being noticed. They aren’t just another cog in the machine.

Do they help motivation?

Gifts definitely help motivation. A recent study published in Forbes stated that businesses that participate in employee recognition programs far outperform businesses that don’t. The report states that companies which have employee recognition programs have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. That is a huge percentage. This shows employees that feel noticed also feel like they are valued. They are less likely to leave, are happier where they are, and work much more productively.

Does the type of gift or price matter?

It doesn’t have to be something expensive. There are several ways to acknowledge someone’s hard work and dedication without spending a lot of money. Here are a few ways you can recognize an employee’s hard work effectively and personally:

  • Thank you notes: A formal thank you note is a great way to note hard work in a professional manner.
  • Written notes: For a more personalized approach, write a handwritten note thanking your employee for their work.
  • Public acknowledgment: Use an office meeting to highlight someone who has been going above and beyond.
  • Increased responsibility: Extra responsibilities tell your employee you trust them to handle larger projects.
  • Flexible schedule: This shows that you trust the employee to manage their time effectively.
  • Pay increase: Nothing is a bigger recognition than receiving a pay increase.

There are several other ways to give gifts if none of these work for you. Giving something that’s personalized is a fantastic way to show you value them and their work. Rewards that are highly personalized will also make the employee feel much more valued as a whole. Consider looking into their interests. If you know they like movies, you could buy them two tickets for a night at the cinema.

Do they work better in some workplaces or businesses than others?

Employee gift recognition is great for any business or workplace. Everyone likes to see that they are valued, no matter what line of work they participate in, but the best reward may vary from workplace to workplace. If someone works in construction, receiving a thank you note is nice, but a thank you note would be much better received in a corporate environment. Perhaps consider public acknowledgment or a flexible schedule in this case. It is all about who you want to recognize and what environment they work in.


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