6 Things You Can Do to Have a Saving and Saving Mindset

You have many different goals such as guaranteeing your future, living more comfortably, having a nice house or car, getting a better education, traveling more countries, but you can’t save enough to realize any of them? Does your salary at the beginning of the month not reach the end of the month? Then you may be spending the wrong way somewhere and not being able to control your budget. Saving and saving is a way of life. What you can do to have this lifestyle, we wrote for you.

% 1 strategy

Being in the 1% mindset to save and save will make your job easier. It will also help you make the right purchasing decisions. Once you adopt the% 1 strategy, you’ll start thinking about money in percentage terms. Try increasing your investment rate by 1% every month. You can also calculate your payments on a percentage basis. After making a price comparison, knowing which one and how many percent more you will pay will force you to save psychologically.

Learn financial literacy

Financial literacy enables you to manage your income, savings and budget in the most economical way by planning them in the best way. Being able to understand your own finances will help you automatically save and turn your savings into savings.

Set a goal for savings

You are strong enough to have everything you want, but you cannot have everything at once. First, you should sort what you want according to your urgency and how badly you want it. You can draw goals to keep you motivated, or write in fun ways and position them where you can always see them.

Compare prices

Comparing prices is fun and makes it very easy to save on results. Especially in kitchen expenses, finding the most affordable product and buying it will save you a good amount of money on your budget, or you can find the clothes you want to buy at another store or on the internet for a more affordable price. All of these result in a decrease in expenses and an increase in savings.

Realize your real needs

When you decide to shop and buy something, first take a breath and ask yourself how much you need to buy that thing, how valuable it is to you, and how hard you have to work to buy it. The answer to these shows you whether you are spending correctly.

Dispose of items you don’t use

As you can contribute to your savings by selling the items you do not use in the house, or the clothes you buy unnecessary on the internet, the amount you spend on them will decrease after a while and it will be easier for you to save.


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