1 Password Gets Random E-Mail Address Generation Feature

1Password provides more security to its users with its random e-mail address creation feature called Masked E-Mail.

It has announced a new feature for 1Password users who cooperate with an e-mail host called Fastmail that will allow them to generate a random e-mail address called Masked E-mail. Similar to the Hide My Email feature introduced by Apple in iCloud, the tool allows you to create unique email addresses for your login information. You can create aliases directly in the 1Password app, which means you can access the tool on any platform with a password manager.

“Your email address is your online identity,” said Bron Gondwana, CEO of Fastmail. If your credentials are compromised during a data breach, having a randomly generated email address adds a second line of defense as it cannot be associated with your primary email address and therefore your identity.” says. It should be said that this feature is ideal for registering accounts for temporary purposes such as a free Wi-Fi network or newsletters with deals that you do not want to be connected to your main account.

It’s impossible to ignore how much the ability to hide your email can do to help protect your online privacy. Let’s underline that the vast majority of privacy violations start with phishing emails.


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