Ways to Avoid Cyber Dangers While Saving With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, which has recently become widespread all over the world and in our country, and is one of the biggest changes brought to our lives by the new economic order, also brings with it many frauds, cyber attacks and different threats in the digital environment. They use cyber threats, user vulnerabilities, internet-connected devices and security vulnerabilities in different technological devices, whose numbers, types and damages are increasing day by day. What should be considered when investing in cryptocurrencies, which are accepted as a new savings tool and seem to occupy the agenda more frequently in the future? Here are the cyber threats that can be encountered in the crypto world and the ways of protection…

Beware of fakes

As with everything, many fake elements emerged simultaneously in cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions. Fake cryptocurrency exchanges position themselves as a legitimate exchange platform and encourage their users to invest more in different ways. Some of them are preferred by many as they offer the opportunity to purchase with higher interest or lower fees than their competitors. You should prefer to trade on well-known, institutional and large-group exchanges in order to avoid any fraud. In addition, when you encounter such a situation, you should immediately report it to the relevant authorities.

Beware of phishers

One of the biggest cyber threats you can face when trying to save and multiply your money with crypto is virtual phishing. The credentials and personal data entered to transact in the crypto world are copied using different methods and can be used for malicious purposes. Especially when clicking on links in e-mails sent by methods such as e-mail, message, information can be stolen in the cyber world. For this, you should share your information on official institutions’ sites, accompanied by different security programs, and immediately delete anything that comes from an unknown place.

Anglers at work

One of the most common piracy methods in the crypto world is phishing. The fraudsters, who learn that you are trading on the crypto exchange, deliver highly professionally prepared messages to you through different channels in order to access their savings and transactions here. In general, they create a cyber threat with spyware by changing e-mail extensions, copying sites or entering your computer or phone with realistic-looking interfaces.

Trading in public places

Although it may seem like a clichĂ©, don’t do the things you do via the internet, on your computer or phone, in cafes, restaurants, crowded workplaces and where everyone is connected to the same wifi network. These points may also become vulnerable to cyber threats from time to time, and your information can be easily stolen, especially in an attack on the network there.

  Separate your passwords and change them regularly

One of the methods that will ensure your security on the internet and therefore protect you in your transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges is your passwords. It is very important that you create passwords that contain different signs instead of only letters or numbers and that you change these passwords from time to time. With this method, you can protect yourself and prevent possible cyber threats by changing your passwords in case your passwords are seized.