The Effects of Online Education and Online Education Technology on Students

As a result of the worldwide epidemic, many changes have occurred in our lives. The epidemic has affected all levels of society and continues to affect our social life, business life and education. As a result of the epidemic, online education has come to the fore in education. Of course, it took time to get used to the online education process and to provide infrastructure opportunities. But soon training; It started to be conveyed to students via the internet. Since face-to-face training was used in the training process, some negativities were experienced in the online training process.

Internet infrastructure has become one of the most important materials in online education. With online education, new models that will attract the attention of students and provide better communication of information have started to be created in addition to traditional education materials. All educators in the education sector had to renew themselves in this sense. With the introduction of online education into our lives, a new learning model-culture has been formed. With online education, the education and training process has been moved out of school. Internet and computer usage has increased with online education. Internet and computers, which are among the indispensable elements of our lives and are used by almost all family members, have positive features, as well as negative effects on individuals and students both in terms of mental and health. Technological products such as the internet and computers that help us in the education process and facilitate our work make students contextual after a certain period of time. Even if technological products are not used in the online process, students should be controlled and the students should be educated in order to be cautious to overcome this choice efficiently and without harm. We can examine the Internet or computer addiction under five headings;

1. Internet Games: You can find countless game lists on the internet. He can play these games with friends he knows, as well as with people he does not know. These games have special areas. Since these games are usually paid, the student can make hidden payments from his family when he wants to play games continuously after a certain period of time. During the game, students can be influenced by people they do not know.

2. Cyber ​​Bullying: Thanks to the internet, students can chat with their distant friends easily. In these conversations, there are also people they do not know after a certain period of time. During the chat, they can share their problems and these posts can be used as a threat by people they do not know after a certain period of time. Sometimes children share information that should not be shared during this chat.

3. Information Pollution / Unnecessary Information: Thanks to the internet, we can access the information we want whenever we want. At this point, students should be conscious. Students can learn all kinds of information as there is countless information on the internet. Most of the time, students can accept the information as it is without examining the right or wrong. This affects the education process of the student negatively.

4. Computer Addiction: Prolonged computer and internet use increases computer addiction. Even after a certain period of time, students want to be with the computer even while eating.

5. Cyber ​​Sexuality Addiction: Children at certain ages differ in their interests and cannot prevent their feelings of curiosity. Especially, videos with sexuality can be accessed anytime they want. This can become addictive after a certain period of time.


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