Telegram Version 8.2 Released

Telegram 8.2 features media improvements, iOS updates and much more.

Telegram can be described as one of the best messaging applications preferred by users. The service introduced new chat themes and video/audio live broadcast recording feature with the 8.0.1 update in the past months. Now another update is rolling out with even more features. Telegram is now rolling out version 8.2, another update focused primarily on media management and its iOS app.

“Every Telegram user will get unlimited cloud storage,” the company wrote in a blog post. Each chat has a “Shared Media” page that displays all photos, videos, files and music. We’ve also added a new history bar next to the page that you can drag up and down to navigate shared media faster.” He talked about new features. This new page added can be zoomed in and out for easier scrolling, similar to the iOS Photos app or Google Photos. Telegram is also rolling out a new “Calendar View” feature that displays photos and videos above a calendar for media.

Additionally, Telegram has improved groups and channels with a new “request admin approval” setting that gives admins more control over who can join and view chats. Also, invite links can have specific names. Therefore, it is also made easier to understand where any user is coming from.

Finally, the Telegram iOS app also gets a few improvements on its own. For example, transit times now appear when any user shares their location. Also, media captions have been made easier to manage and settings have been updated to better match the look and feel of iOS 15. It should also be noted that the new update is already available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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