PUBG MOBILE 1.6 Update Released

With the PUBG MOBILE update, gamers’ favorite maps and modes are coming back. There are also many exciting collaborations such as Dune and Alan Walker.

Are you ready for the return of the best in PUBG MOBILE? With the released 1.6 update, the brand new game mode Flora Menace was added to the game, which includes an alien plant invasion, spaceship battles and a new drop system.

Also, with the news that long-time PUBG MOBILE players will be excited, seven of the most popular game modes have been added to the game for a limited time. Other exciting collaborations awaiting players with the 1.6 update include Alan Walker and Godzilla vs. Alongside the return of Kong are new partnerships with KartRider Rush+ and the upcoming star-studded DUNE.

PUBG MOBILE Version 1.6 update is currently available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Caution: Erangel has been invaded! Alien Yarilo plants have taken over the map and players now have to fight! In this special game mode, Yarilo mother plants will randomly appear in map areas, creating Rejuvenation Barriers that increase and regenerate player health. Erangel will also host the Cell Matrix, a spaceship flying over the map. Players can board the ship by finding Cells spread throughout the map, then battle other players on the ship for awesome random weapon drops at the same time earning Nacore Chips.

Nacore Chips are used for the all-new DynaHex Consumables system, which allows players to order war supplies at a specific location. Cell Matrix has a limited number of respawns, so players who run out of health are knocked back to the ground. After a certain time, the Cell Matrix begins to descend to the ground, and the players who managed to survive continue to fight with others among multiple spaceships.

The Flora Menace invasion began on Erangel. Invasion will continue on the Sanhok map on September 18 and then on the Livik map on September 22. The Cell Matrix spaceship will only appear in Erangel.

  • The version 1.6 update also brings back seven of PUBG MOBILE’s favorite game modes from the past!
  • Metro Royale: Reunion, starting September 28 – Travel through dangerous underground tunnels, survive and collect rewards
  • Titans: Last Stand, starting September 28 – Join the Monarch Expeditionary team and use heavy weapons to defeat Mechagodzilla
  • Vikendi, from October 8 – The cold land of Vikendi returns. Be sure to pack your snow gear.
  • Survive Till Dawn from October 15 – Survive the Zombie attack after the sun goes down
  • Payload 2.0 from October 15 – Use heavy ground and air-based weapons for explosive battles
  • Runic Power, starting October 15 – Embodiment the power of Flame, Ice or Wind, collect crystals and dominate your enemies on the battlefield
  • Infection Mode from October 15 – Choose to be Defender or Zombie in this quick infection mode

Alongside these exciting game updates, PUBG MOBILE continues its amazing content partnerships with the 1.6 update. World-renowned DJ and artist Alan Walker, known for his tracks like ‘Faded’, ‘Darkside’, ‘All Falls Down’ and ‘Alone’, returns to the game with music, special outfits and items. For the new song of Alan Walker, on September 23, PUBG MOBILE is waiting for gamers. The famous musician previously collaborated with PUBG MOBILE for the singles ‘On My Way’ and ‘Live Fast’ in 2019. More information on this partnership coming soon!

During the PUBG MOBILE TEAM UP CHALLENGE, it announced partnerships with world-renowned anime JUJUTSU KAISEN and cutting-edge architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects. Among the new partnerships coming as part of the version 1.6 update are:

  • KartRider Rush+ – Mobile kart racing game played by over 25 million players worldwide (excluding China).
  • DUNE – The highly anticipated blockbuster movie directed by Denis Villeneuve, based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 classic sci-fi novel.

More details about these partnerships will be shared on the official PUBG MOBILE social channels soon.

New details about Royale Pass Month 3: Chef’s Special and Royale Pass Month 4: Temporal Warriors have also been revealed. Adding new themed items, these content will launch in mid-September and mid-October respectively. Players who purchase RP during this Royale Pass will also automatically be able to enter the RP Server Golden Chicken event where a free Royale Pass Month and special title are earned.

A number of gameplay improvements have also been made as part of the version 1.6 update. Added more customization options to player animations, control and HUD settings. Players can also enjoy unlimited ammo mode in Training Grounds with the addition of P90, MG3, ASM Abakan as usable firearms. Players can also turn on the newly added Highlights mode in settings to check their best qualifiers after a Classic Mode match.


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