How Should You Eat While Doing Yoga?

We can increase the benefits of yoga, which strengthens our body, soul and mind and helps us live a more peaceful life, with a proper nutrition program. By consuming the right foods before and after yoga, we can increase the balance and peace that we try to give to our body. While we reduce stress with correct breathing practices and movements, we can also make our body healthier by ensuring that our metabolism works in harmony with food. You can find out how to eat while doing yoga in this article.

What should you consume before yoga?

It doesn’t matter before or after yoga, the first point you should pay attention to about nutrition is that you should follow a light diet. You should stay away from foods that are heavy, that will disturb your body and make you restless. Therefore, before yoga, you should consume foods that will allow you to do the movements more comfortably and give you the energy you need. For example, you can choose banana, which is a rich source of potassium, or apple, which is alkaline and very beneficial for the stomach. They will also give you energy.

What should you consume after yoga?

Although yoga exercises are not as heavy and tiring as in other sports, they can tire the body as they are done in harmony with the mind. Therefore, after yoga, you can drink water or fresh fruit juices prepared at home so that you can regain your energy and return your body to its normal working flow. A vegetable soup prepared according to the season and made from fresh vegetables may also be suitable. Again, you can easily consume green tea or a salad that you will make from fresh vegetables.

Yoga nutrition is vegetarian

Nutrition in yoga generally consists of vegetarian-based foods. It is more suitable to consume completely pure, natural and fresh vegetables and fruits. Since these simple and plain foods are easier to grind, they help the body find its balance and do not disturb it by placing a greater burden on it. Therefore, green leafy foods such as spinach and purslane, fruits containing plenty of vitamins, high-fiber foods rich in Omega 3 and folic acid can be preferred. On the contrary, it is necessary to stay away from stimulating or gas-producing foods such as hot pepper, onion, garlic.


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