Facebook Might Be Considering a Name Change

Facebook, which wants to focus on the Metaverse, may want to make a name change.

For the last few years, Facebook has been focusing on data privacy, security, how its algorithm works, etc. at the center of discussions on the issues. Recently, Frances Haugen, a former whistleblower, leaked a series of company documents and even testified in Congress that Facebook’s main goal is to maximize profits even if it hurts the platform’s users. Finally, a new report has emerged claiming that the Facebook front is considering rebranding, that is, a name change. The Verge cites a person with direct knowledge of the subject.

Essentially, Facebook wants to be known for something other than the social media platform of the same name. While the concept is still in its infancy, Metaverse will allow people to plug in their headphones and gather in a virtual world to create, shop, learn, play, work or just hang out with friends. Facebook sees this space as a more organic feel, as it mimics real-life interactions.

Leaving as a parent company with a specific brand name would also make sense from a hierarchical point of view. The newly formed parent company will oversee platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus and more.

The report claims that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will talk about the rebranding at the company’s October 28 event, but it’s possible that it will happen sooner. It is also speculated that the new name is apparently kept secret even from many members of the senior leadership team. No statement has been made from the Facebook front regarding the issue.


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