Clean and Smooth Skin with Hydrafacial

It is the desire of men and women of all ages to have a smooth, clear and glowing skin. Skin care has been a ritual that has been tried with different methods for centuries. Skin care methods are quite diverse today. However, not every care method can provide the desired effect. Sometimes, when a care method that is not suitable for the skin structure is applied, the structure of the skin may deteriorate. Due to the skin structures that vary from person to person, in order to understand the appropriate skin care method, the skin type should be determined by a specialist and the appropriate care method should be established. In addition to daily skin care with facial cleansing and moisturizing products, it is also essential for a clean and healthy skin to have professional care applied in beauty centers at regular intervals to clean the lesions accumulated deep in the skin, purify the dead skin, and reduce pores.

Many different skin care treatment methods are applied in professional beauty centers. Beauty centers, which have been an indispensable part of women for many years, update their care methods thanks to the new technologies that have developed over the years. Today, the most known, developed and preferred skin care method is the hydrafacial skin care method. Thanks to the Hydrafacial skin care method, your skin gets rid of dirt and dead skin and gains a healthy and glowing appearance. When done regularly, it tightens the skin and removes the signs of early aging. Thanks to your regular hydrafacial skin care, you can challenge the years with your beauty.

How to Apply Hydrafacial

When you decide to have Hydrafacial treatment, you don’t need to be afraid that it will hurt. You can be sure that you will not feel any pain during this treatment. After an extremely simple treatment, you can continue your daily life with your renewed skin. First of all, by applying a solution suitable for your skin structure, the pores are softened and the skin is prepared for treatment. Afterwards, your skin is cleansed of dirt with the vacuum method. In the second stage, a different solution is applied to help solve problems specific to the skin type.

The solution is applied to the skin with a radio frequency head. Thanks to this application, the skin is repaired, renewed and moisturized. Various substances that penetrate into the skin with the applied collagen treatment give the skin a fresh appearance. Solutions are confined to the skin by applying a cooling cap. And finally, the process is terminated by applying LED therapy. This method, which will make a noticeable difference from the first session with the places that make hydrafacial, can be applied once a month if it is applied for maintenance purposes, and if it is applied for treatment purposes, it can be applied as 4 to 6 sessions at intervals of 1 week.

Who Can Apply Hydrafacial?

There are many issues that individuals should pay attention to when it comes to skin care. First of all, the way to have a clean skin is not just one-time treatments, but always exhibiting the behaviors necessary for skin health. To have a healthy and clean skin, you should always eat a healthy diet. You should drink lots of water. You should use sunscreen regularly to protect yourself from the harmful effects of sunlight. You should stay away from harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol that have toxic effects. You should clean and moisturize the skin daily, and apply a peeling or mask treatment once a week to get rid of the dead skin. After you have these habits, the hydrafacial treatment, which will be applied by a specialist in the beauty center once a month, will create miracles on your skin and ensure you have a glowing skin for a lifetime. There is no age limit for hydrafacial spot treatment. It can be applied to everyone within the expert opinion. Suitable for all seasons. A single session takes about 30 minutes. For this reason, it is very practical and does not take much time. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to avoid contact with water on the day of the procedure. Since there is no healing process afterwards, you can return to your daily life and perform the activities you want.

Hydrafacial Benefits

Thanks to this application;

  • There is a visible reduction of brown sunspots.
  • Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, which are signs of early aging, are removed.
  • Your skin gains elasticity and tightness.
  • Your skin tone is evened and the need to apply skin makeup is reduced.
  • Your skin gains moisture and becomes beautiful.
  • Your pores are tightened.
  • Your skin structure is never damaged and preserves its natural structure.

You do not have to worry about any side effects while applying Hydrafacial. With this skin care method, which is very easy to apply, you will enjoy a moistened and soft skin.


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