Brave Gets Built-in Crypto Wallet Feature

Brave desktop web browser has started offering a cryptocurrency wallet feature called Brave Wallet.
Brave has updated its desktop web browser, adding a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Thanks to this wallet called Brave Wallet, the need to install a separate extension on your internet browser is eliminated. This gives you the opportunity to buy, sell and trade almost any asset. Additionally, Brave claims that the included wallet should carry less security risks and performance degradation than regular browser add-ons.

Brave Wallet is a self-storing wallet that still allows other wallets to be used and connects to hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger. With this wallet, you can track crypto market data, find the best price matches, and check portfolios containing NFTs. Moreover, the wallet supports EVM compatible blockchains and is both open source and open licensed.

The wallet can be accessed from the settings page in Brave version 1.32. The company says the feature will also be coming to Brave’s mobile browsers soon, and the Solana blockchain will default to decentralized app support in 2022.


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