3 Phrases To Include In Your Business Plan

Obviously, there is no one-fits-all formula for writing a perfect business plan, but we’ve found the next best thing. Instead of just giving another list of advice for writing your business plan, here we’ve listed three phrases that you can use to beef up your business plan. By using these sentence starters, you’re guaranteed to include these important details in your business plan.

“We specialize in…”

When you’re looking for funding and support for your business, it’s important to stress how special your business is. Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades; a lender or investor is going to look at that and see a business that is over-reaching. Instead, do one thing and do it well. By specializing, it’s easy to show what makes your business and your business plan unique, which can only make your business more appealing.

“In the short term…but in the long term…”

By using the actual phrases “In the short term” and “In the long term,” you are clearly announcing to your reader that you have thoroughly thought out your business plan. It’s important to your audience that you know how you’re going to get off the ground in the short term and also how you’ll sustain your business’s growth in the long term. If you include the information without specifically drawing attention to it, your potential partner or lender may miss it.

“In our market…”

It’s important to show market awareness in your business plan. In general, this shows a sophisticated business sense. It lets lenders know that you’re thinking about how you can fit into the current business atmosphere and still succeed. It helps if you follow this phrase up with hard data and numbers because this section can make or break your credibility. Even throw in a table to make your data even clearer.

Bonus: Words to avoid

“Really,” “things,” “very,” etc.

These words are filler text – you use them when you don’t know what else to say. In practice, it makes you sound less confident, which is definitely not the image you’re going for in a business plan.

“Best,” “great,” or “unparalleled”

Can you prove it? My guess is no, because realistically, you can’t. These words work out to be a different type of filler text, and they don’t help your case as much as you would hope. Claims that you can’t back up are going to be a red flag to anyone you show your business plan to because it’s the mark of an inexperienced writer.


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