10 Alternatives to Traditional Business Christmas Cards

How many times have you been sent the same, old, bland Christmas cards?  It’s time to give something else than the usual, conventional Christmas card to your clientele. You might think about sending an e-card, but it’s important to avoid this easy cop out. Some may think that you didn’t care enough to take time out of your day to find something unique or personal. You want your clients to feel valued. Consider sending one of these 10 great alternatives to traditional business Christmas cards.

  1. Plantable Cards
    These cards come with little seeds inside them. Not only does it say you care about the environment, it’ll symbolize the relationship between you and your client, which will grow. These cards can be purchased at
  2. Edible Greetings
    One of the best ways to get your message across is with food. Cookies and cakes are easily customizable and are a great way to give well wishes to a large group of people. Local bakeries are always happy to provide a personalized message on their baked goods.?
  3. Art Prints
    Sending an art print is like sending a Christmas card and a beautiful painting at the same time. Your clients will know you value them with the beautiful prints you can find online. Etsy shops, like SlightlySprightly, offer these art prints at affordable prices.
  4. Cards for Causes
    Giving a Christmas card doesn’t just have to be a mere acknowledgment from one person to another. Cards for Causes sells cards for any occasion while donating to a charity at the same time. What better way to say thank you for their business and friendship than sending a Christmas card that donates to their favorite charity?  20% of all proceeds go to a charity of your choosing!
  5. Birch Wood Cards
    NightOwlPaperGoods sells eco-friendly, high-quality cards made out of wood from the beautiful birch tree. The website also offers letterpress cotton as another option. It’s a supremely amazing Christmas card that will be displayed for all to see.
  6. Painted Pinecones
    Consider sending a painted pinecone along with a regular Christmas card. Buying scented pinecones, painting the edges of them silver or gold, and adding a string to the top of it makes a beautiful ornament. This will show your client how much you value their relationship while decorating their house or office. Most of these pinecones also smell strong and fantastic, which is just an added bonus. Every time they smell the pinecone, they’ll think of you.
  7. Personalized Goodies
    When in doubt, send a personalized goodie. This can be a candle, golf balls, or anything you think your client would enjoy. This shows how much you care about them and that they’re more than just business. Many gifts are even customizable to include a gift label with your well wishes printed right on.
  8. Gift Baskets
    Nothing says happy holidays more than receiving a gift basket. These can be filled with food, alcohol, or other objects. Providing someone with a nice gift basket shows that you put effort into the greeting, personalizing it to perfection.  It doesn’t have to be large. No matter the size, it’s a fantastic way to start the holidays.
  9. Advent Calendar
    Since it’s the holidays, giving an advent calendar is a great plan. It is a fantastic gift for adults and even come in a wide arrange of treats. Some come with a variety pack of alcohol, cookies, tea, or personalized goodies. Printing a season’s greetings on something your client will see for 24 days shows how much you care about them.
  10. Baking in a Jar
    These are jars full of the ingredients needed to make baked goods like brownies or cookies. Some jars even have high-quality hot cocoa for the holiday seasons. These are purchasable or easily made at home. Tie a ribbon around the top with your Christmas greeting tied onto the neck of the jar.

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